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3 Cigar and Coffee Combinations
For the Perfect Start to Your Day


It’s no surprise that most Americans start their mornings with a fresh and steaming cup of coffee. With an estimated 400 million cups consumed daily across the country, pairing a cigar with your coffee can be as natural - and delicious - as pairing it with a smooth whiskey or Scotch later in the day. 


If you haven’t savored a cigar with coffee, you’re missing out on a sensation for your senses. The combination of flavors, the wafts of steam, and waves of tobacco flavor come together to traverse your experience from simple to splendid.  


The standard morning coffee is best paired with a mild cigar like the New World Connecticut Robusto from AJ Fernandez. When exploring which pairing works best for you, there are a few things to remember to make the most of the experience, but above all, experiment. Find your sweet spot and enjoy the mellow and spicy combinations along the way.


First, you’ll want to compliment the cigar and the coffee without overpowering the other. Consider more robust coffee with a spicy, full-bodied cigar. For a medium-bodied, creamy, and sweeter cigar, lean into coffee with just a bit of cream and sugar. And for mild cigars, the basic black brewed coffee is an excellent choice.


Cigar and Coffee Pairings

1. Alec Bradley Medalist Robusto

The Alec Bradley Medalist is a mild-bodied and versatile cigar that always brings something to the table. Its creamy profile offers hints of vanilla and cedar, with baking spice and graham cracker making an appearance in this golden robusto.


Pour yourself a traditional morning cuppa joe, served up with a dash of cream and sugar, to enjoy this delightful smoke that harkens back to Alec Bradley’s earlier days of mild and smooth cigars.


Strength: Mild

Country: Honduran

Wrapper: Honduran


2. Rocky Patel The Edge Candella

Rocky Patel’s The Edge Candela captures attention with its unique olive green color. Heralded by the array of brown-wrapped cigars surrounding it on the shelves, this candela is a medium-bodied cigar imparting notes of bay leaves, thyme, and birchwood to your palette during the first draws of the toro, reminding cigar smokers of the green wrapper and natural flavor. As you progress through The Edge Candela, notes of nutmeg and coffee work their way to the forefront, reassuring you that coffee is the ideal pairing beverage.


Consider pairing The Edge Candela with a fresh cafe latte, a beverage blending espresso coffee with a silky milk foam to compliment the early creamy feel of this unique offering from Rocky Patel. The blending of complimentary flavors brings out the unique tastes and undertones of each other.


Strength: Medium

Country: Honduran

Wrapper: Undisclosed Habano Candela


3. Perdomo Small Batch Maduro

Light up this rich and bold cigar wrapped in a beautiful dark Nicaraguan Maduro. The blend of white pepper and leather brings your palette to life as the smoke rolls over your tastebuds. Hints of espresso and dark chocolate are revealed along the smoking journey. This Perdomo premium cigar is made with a barrel-aged wrapper bringing out the balance of flavor, strength, and aroma.


To maximize your cigar experience, pair the Perdomo Small Batch Maduro with a dark and strong coffee like Deathwish or Shock coffee, each offering flavors that hint at chocolate and nuts. Take your time, sip your coffee, and enjoy this partnership of leaf and bean.


Strength: Full

Country: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Nicaragua

Start your morning with a great coffee to match your sunrise stick. We look forward to your visit to our humidor later today as you get ready for tomorrow. Our expert tobacconists are ready to guide you on your journey to the best cigar you can find by matching your coffee preferences to the cigar tasting notes, assuring your maximum enjoyment.

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