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3 Scotch and Cigar Pairings

For the True Cigar Enthusiast

Indulgence and refinement. Could there be a better phrase to capture the connection between Scotch and cigars? With every sip and with every puff, flavors come together, boasting a legacy of craftsmanship and heritage. Everyone’s palette is different, with differing desires and pleasures, making the combinations endless. Cigar and Scotch pairing is yours to explore.


When it comes to pairing cigars with Scotch, there's an art to uncovering the perfect match. As with other beverage pairings, from coffee to wine, flavors must complement each other. Full-bodied cigars may find their match with a rich single malt, while medium-bodied cigars enjoy the harmony of a smooth blended whiskey.


Enjoy the journey of discovery. Explore freely - and frequently - to find the Scotch and cigar pairing that suits you. 


Pairing One

Cigar: La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial

La Aroma de Cuba brings us a Nicaraguan cigar blended with tobacco

from the Jalapa, Esteli, and Namanji regions to create a symphony of

flavors, including smoked almonds, leather, cinnamon, and coffee beans.

With hints of wood, nuts, and coffee beans, the Edicion Especial lends

itself to an earthy, inviting Scotch whiskey.


Strength: Medium-Full

Country: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Ecuador Habano

Scotch: Johnnie Walker Black

From the legendary Johnnie Walker, the Black Scotch whiskey is described as “one of life’s true icons.” Aged at least 12 years, this masterful blend offers tastes of dry smoke, rich malt, peat overtones, and dark chocolate. Each flavor tone complements the natural earthy heritage of the La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial. 


Pairing Two

Cigar: Plascencia 1865 Alma Fuerte

The Plascencia family has been one of the cigar industry’s most recognizable companies, responsible for some legendary brands. But now, Plascencia takes center stage with their 1865 Alma Fuerte. Made with a ten-year aging process, the distinctive taste offers enthusiasts early hints of cocoa, almonds, nutmeg, and cedar. As you wrap up the quality time spent with this cigar, anticipate finishing notes of oak, coffee, and leather. Together, the Plascencia 1865 Alma Fuete serves up the perfect pairing platform, inviting a smooth pour of Scotch.


Strength: Medium-Full

Country: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Nicaragua

Scotch: Aberlour 12

Treat yourself and your Plascencia cigar to a new friendship found with

the Aberlour 12. Aged in Olorso Sherry casks, this Scotch is fragrant with

fruity notes and balanced with ginger, cinnamon, caramel, and chocolate.

Together with your Alma Fuerte, this Scotch imparts a smooth, buttery

feel finished with sweet warmth that lingers, reminding you of sheer delight.



Pairing Three


Cigar: Oliva Connecticut Reserve

Blended with Nicaraguan long filler and binder and finished with Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, the Oliva Connecticut Reserve is a smooth and silky medium-bodied cigar. Described as an “any time” cigar, now is the time to light up this Oliva, offering notes of wood, coffee, and cream with an earthy core. The flavor and creamy feel of the Oliva Connecticut Reserve lends itself to pairing with an unblended Scotch to compliment the earthy notes often found in the spirit.


Strength: Mild-Medium

Country: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Ecuador

Scotch: Auchentoshan Three Wood 

The rich, golden brown Scotch is derived through maturing in three cask types; American Bourbon, Spanish Oloroso Sherry, and Pedro Ximenez Sherry. Blending these three casks together brings out a rich and complex spirit carrying notes of toffee, hazelnuts, and even cinnamon with lemon. With the final sips, you will uncover the smoothness with a lasting oaky sweetness.


Paring the Auchentoshan Three Wood with the Oliva Connecticut Reserve brings together the fruits, nuts, and creamy finish, capping off a match you didn’t know you needed.

No matter your preference, whether vintage or contemporary, we have a cigar waiting for you. Visit us today, and our team of helpful tobacconists will assist you in discovering your new favourite pairing to help you unwind after a long day or enjoy an evening around the fire with friends.

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