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Eat Pierogi

You know him. You love him. Well, you probably don’t, but you will! Let us introduce you to polka legend Walt Solek. Walt pledged his undying love for our favorite food, the perfect pierogi. This catchy little tune, Pierogies Polka – that somehow never caught on the mainstream radio – boldly, and accurately, declares:

They are mighty fine,
If you try them, you will like them

And you will! Of course, as delightful as that song is, maybe, somehow, it just doesn’t make your stomach growl and stir you to try the pierogies. We will never understand how anyone doesn’t share in the glee and warm love that perogies deliver. We know you can find comfort and happiness in a bowl. And we aren’t the only ones that know that. Besides our committed and dedicated customers sharing their love online, Mee and the Band delivered a message of love in their classic song, Eat Perogies. This stellar harmony of voice and doughy goodness can solve the world’s problems.

When the world’s gone mad (eat perogies!)
I’m feeling sad so I (eat perogies!)
I’m feeling glad when I (eat perogies!)
Eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat
(Eat pierogi!)
There’s no need to wait any longer to change your mood, and change your life! With Loaded Pierogi, the options for appetite indulgence are vast and savory. Cheese. Crispy onions. Brisket. Sausage. Crispy fried chicken. Garlic parmesan sauce. Mmmm!  We agree with Mee and the Band and our polka superstar Walt Solek. Come down and get happy, get comfort, and #GetLoaded at Loaded Perogi, where, if you try them, you will like them. Eat, eat, eat, eat, eat…..Eat Pierogi!

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