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Directory Profiles

Stand out from the crowd

Have you seen the profiles out there?

There's a ton of therapists that are repelling potential clients because they talk too much about themselves and their own trauma! Imagine!

I know it's not easy to write about yourself, but even therapists need boundaries.

Frankly, clients don't care if you enjoy long walks on the beach or smores by the campfire. They want to know if you can help them.

I write your profile to give your ideal client the confidence that they can feel better and enjoy life again by working with you.

Stand out from the 1000s of other therapists and work with your ideal clients.

  • Video consultations to clarify your ideal client.

  • Craft a profile that appeals to your ideal client.

  • Focus on the benefits of working with you as their ideal counsellor or therapist.

Get started for just $297

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