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Curiosity 2.0

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

I am curious. Curiosity is the desire to know, learn, and explore. As a copywriter in the nonprofit sector, curiosity drives me to be more creative, productive, and motivated.


Well, curiosity helps us connect through conversation which is essential for building relationships. When we're curious about something, we want to talk about it—and by crafting messages about your service in ways that are honest and engaging, we build trust with your clients, donors, and stakeholders. These relationships build strong futures.

The Benefits of Curiosity

Curiosity is one of the most powerful tools of a great copywriter. It helps them develop an understanding of your target audience, stay up to date with trends, and be open to new ideas. A strong copywriter engages with a personal level of interest and finds the heart of your nonprofit to share with others who can help further your mission and reach your goals.

The Pitfalls of Not Being Curious

Quite simply, if your copywriter isn’t curious, your organization is missing out on opportunities.

The Curious Copywriter

Curiosity is my superpower. It helps me find new ideas, write innovative content, and better understand my nonprofit partners. I take a personal interest in the projects on my roster.

Here's why.

Curiosity makes me more observant. When you're curious about something, it's easier to notice details that others might miss--and those details can be used as inspiration for your donation email sequence, next piece of content, or newsletter.

Curiosity helps with brainstorming sessions by providing new angles on old topics, or even new topics that haven’t been explored.

My wife often comments that I have more interests than anyone she knows. It’s for a simple reason. I’m curious. My curiosity drives me to ask questions, learn more, and share stories.

Let’s Be Curious Together

I look forward to partnering with your nonprofit and discovering new ways to share your story, increase donations, and enhance the lives of the people you serve.

You can get a free Curious Consult on Zoom call with just a few clicks…starting here.


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