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Quiet Copywriting: and the CASI Mindsets

If you’re like me, you grew up understanding that passion was about what you did for a living. 

“Find your passion.” 

“Follow your passion.”

“Do what you love.”

I had a job, a career, I suppose, but I loved hearing stories and writing. There’s a beautiful solitude that wraps around writing. The magic and mystery of a writer’s mind are brought to life in the stillness of the craft. There’s an exhilaration, even a rapture, that comes with stringing together individual words to form sentences and build stories. It’s freeing, satisfying, and even euphoric.

Quiet Copywriting
Writing on Purpose. Writing with Purpose.

I’d been writing content for a few years but didn’t know what copywriting actually was (that’s pretty much every copywriter’s story). Then I stumbled across a Facebook ad from the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy that drew me into this new world of copywriting, and that’s when a new journey began.

When I discovered copywriting, I knew that it would become my new passion. Ugh, though, that word. What does that even mean? Is it just another buzzword like pivot, circle-back, touch base, and synergy?

I dove in. I completed courses, created spec pieces, and listened to podcasts. I consumed copywriting. I wanted more. I needed more of it. I went all in.

I was writing for clients, still more content than copy, but the money began to come in at a fairly steady rate, and I was enjoying my newfound lifestyle as a freelance copywriter. To be clear, though, I wasn’t living the life of a nomad copywriter while relaxing on a beach or sitting on a covered porch of an estate at a winery in the south of France. No, I was working from my home office in southern Ontario or a coffee shop downtown. I loved it!

Quiet Copywriting Home Office
My Home Office - Not too fancy but I love the quiet space

But something didn’t sit right with me about copywriting.

Somewhere deep within, a nagging pestered me like the mosquitos that consumed my wife and me while camping in northern Ontario this past summer. (Mosquitos so bad, in fact, that we cut our camping short and headed for home.)

Copywriting is everything. Sales pages. Long-form copy. Landing pages. Email funnels. Billboards. Banner Ads. Sales. Marketing. Buy now! 

There it is. Buy now. There’s a buzzword that grates on my nerves, yet it is central to copywriting. It tingles my spine. I clench my jaw. I hate as much as the summer pests of camping.

It goes against my personal values of simplicity and minimalism. I don’t want people to buy stuff for the sake of simply buying stuff. 

I found myself asking, “Does what I’m writing add value to a person’s life? How does it enrich their life?” 

In late 2023, I found myself contemplating my work and even my purpose. 

I couldn’t sacrifice my integrity or my authentic self to simply make more money by getting more consumers to consume more stuff.

CASI Values of Quiet Copywriting

I created a value-based concept to capture the essence of who I am as your copywriter and how I approach copywriting.

Quiet Copywriting is my unique perspective on crafting copy. 

Don’t manipulate the reader. 

Don’t take advantage of people. 

Don’t play mind games.

Be honest and transparent. How does what you’re offering benefit the reader?

CASI Mindsets

It turned out that a specific job or a career path wasn’t my passion. My passion is curiosity. I want to know more. I want to understand. I need to know! And with every new project, I get to live out my passion. Being curious makes every project a new adventure for me, whether partnering with a nonprofit on a new mission statement or a trucking company to write blog content. Curiosity keeps my content writing and copywriting exciting to me every day!

I need to be real with readers. How refreshing to hear the truth above the onslaught of fake news in a world seemingly driven by fear and negativity. Let’s ensure our words are honest and build each other up. Imagine if we were authentic (and vulnerable) with each other. How refreshing! 

Along with curiosity, this is my favourite. So much of our life has become overcomplicated and even manipulative. I like to keep things simple in my life, and that shows through with Quiet Copywriting. Basically, to use a cliche, the main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing.

It all comes together with Integrity. Are you who you say you are? Let’s add value to others, build each other up, and encourage others to play a valuable role in our world, however small it is. Together, Quiet Copywriting cuts through the noise of the world to provide clean, simple, and honest copywriting.

Connection Over Consumption

Surrounded by buzzwords and marketing tactics prioritizing consumption over connection, Quiet Copywriting is a call to curiosity, authenticity, simplicity, and integrity. 

Quiet Copywriting is a philosophy—a stance against manipulation and a testament to honesty and an unwavering commitment to speaking the simple truth.

While copywriting often pulses with the clamour of persuasive sales pitches, Quiet Copywriting stands apart. It's about adding genuine value to people’s lives, fostering trust, and being transparent about how a product or service can genuinely benefit someone.

My purpose as a copywriter isn't solely about crafting words that persuade; it's about cultivating connections, sparking curiosity, and embracing authenticity. It's a reminder that words hold immense power—they can either deceive or inspire, manipulate or resonate.

Let's begin our work together with Quiet Copywriting.

Curiosity    |    Authenticity    |    Simplicity    |    Integrity


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