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7 Ways Your Business Benefits from a Social Media Copywriter

Everyone uses social media. Well, not my mom. At least not the usual socials like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Though she does spend an inordinate amount of time watching YouTube. But then, she doesn’t have Netflix or even cable.

Anyways. Everyone else is on social media and building your brand awareness is vital whether you have worldwide recognition like Nike or if you are a newly opened independent cigar shop. The simple fact is that people look to the internet for information and if they can’t find you, then you are missing out.

Case in point: I live in a highly populated region in Canada, in small city of fewer than 40,000 residents. We have roughly 10 pizza shops. I can think of just one that I see regularly on social media. Their posts are short, personal, and to the point. They engage well and used vibrant photos to help draw attention. As a copywriter, I view their social media strategy with a kind eye. And they are effective - when I buy pizza, I buy it from Old School Pizza (Free plug for these guys!).

Here are 7 Ways Your Business Benefits from Social Media Copywriter:

1. (Digital) Word of Mouth

The best marketing, they say, is word of mouth. Copywriters create engaging social media that is liked and shared to become your business’s word of mouth.

2. Customer Retention

As our global attention span shortens, we need reminders. Frequent, engaging posts perfectly crafted by a copywriter will keep your business front and centre for your customer and keep them coming back for more.

3. Strong Customer Service

Social media is quick and easy. When customers see you active and present they know contact is just a few clicks away when there is a problem to solve. Copywriters help build your presence and let your subscribers know you are engaged.

4. Save Money

A copywriter creates succinct social media posts that increase your reach, reducing your overall marketing costs. Who doesn’t want to save money on marketing?

5. Builds Trust

Customers who see a company that is both present and engaging view that company as trustworthy. Trusted companies have better sales, increased profits, and dedicated customers. Copywriters know how to engage and build relationships through words.

6. Get New Ideas

Companies who are present and engaged are open to new ideas and concepts from their customer base. Copywriters craft the perfect messages to let your followers know you are open to hearing from them.

7. Call To Action (CTA)

Copywriters are skilled in developing the best CTA that takes the passive user to an engaged customer. Using the right message we engage, motivate, and activate your social media follower.

As a business owner, you can’t do it all. We aren’t made to do it all and your business requires the best of you. Copywriters are an important part of your team, assisting in the overall marketing, advertising, and promotion of your business. Want to learn more? Let’s get in touch and see how we can partner to give you the best copywriting and social media for your business.


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