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Everyone has a story

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

I wasn't always a writer. In fact most people don't start writing as their first career choice but rather it is a passion that grows as you are immersed in our world of exciting culture and diverse people.

There is so much to experience and learn that it seems impossible to expect today's college freshman to have a strong grasp on their life's ambitions. It takes time. And I've had a good time.

I am thrilled to be a writer and I am at home at me keyboard, though it has taken more than a few years.

I've been blessed to travel and speak on missions trips to Russia, Jamaica and Cuba, travelled through many of the United States, ventured across much of Canada (with a trip to Tuktuyatuk planned in 2022) and held jobs that include in-home support in the child welfare system, administrative support, management in a homeless shelter, and even driving a transport truck; I am most assuredly a different person than when I was a started volunteer writer for a local newspaper a few moons ago.

Today, using my relational experience and years of writing - both personally and professionally - I take the time to understand you, your business, and your goals. Together, we will build a plan and create engaging copy to reach your audience and achieve results. Everyone has a story. Let me help you tell yours, your product's, and your business' story. ~ Todd


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